First Impressions Matter: How Adding Curb Appeal Can Help Sell Your Home


Perhaps you’ve worked hard to stage the interior of your home, knowing your agent will start showing it soon. Or maybe you haven’t begun the selling process yet, but you know you want to and you’re concerned your home won’t catch anyone’s eye. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a house based on how it is seen from the curb of the street. There are several basic ways you can boost the curb appeal of your home and make it more enticing to potential buyers.

Tend to Your Landscaping

Your landscaping is the first thing that will catch the eye of any prospective buyers visiting your house. If your yard is clean, well taken care of, and features attractive landscape design, it is sure to give a good first impression. There are several simple ways you can add to your house’s curb appeal without making it appear to need too much upkeep for future buyers. Trimming trees and shrubs is your first step. This tells prospective buyers that your home is well cared for, and if the outside is then the inside probably is as well. Regularly cut, green grass, lack of weeds, and fragrant flowers planted near the home can also do a lot to increase curb appeal. Last but certainly not least, fresh mulch and a sharp edge on flower beds will catch the eye and increase the overall health of your garden.

Clean Away the Grime

After their eyes skip across your lawn, visitors will land on the surfaces leading up to your front door. This includes any walkways, steps, driveway, deck, or patio. These areas not only experience high foot traffic but are also constantly exposed to the elements. Power washing these surfaces can make a surprisingly large difference in their attractiveness. You may have forgotten what your porch steps used to look like, but once the dirt and grime of the years are cleared away you will be amazed. Don’t forget to wash often-forgotten window exteriors as well!

Dress Up Your Porch

The final place a prospective buyer will come to before entering your house is the front door. Add a little style by painting your door an attractive color. Whether you choose classic bright red, deep emerald green, muted grey, or glossy black, a freshly painted door gives instant curb appeal to a home. Top it off with a wreath to complement the season, the door color, or match the plants found in the yard. Go a little further with potted plants and flowers on the porch. Attractive colors and thoughtful arrangement of planters show potential buyers the kind of welcoming entrance they, too, can have. Speaking of welcoming entrance, try adding a doormat as a final touch. Just be sure to stay away from anything personalized for your family or hobbies, since you want potential buyers to envision the home as theirs not yours.

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